Review of Barre Fitness DVD

Disclaimer:I did not receive monetary compensation, just received this dvd to review it, and all opinions are my own. Remember to consult your doctor when beginning any exercise program.

It has been too long! I have lots to write about but didn’t have as much time this week as I thought I would. So here goes: let’s dive in!
Jessica Smith is darling. Check her out at She takes you through some hard, sweaty cardio, discusses toning, abs and stretching. I absolutely love barre workouts because it makes me feel like a dancer and it gets into the isometric(small weights, zeroes in on those small muscle groups). I am so uncoordinated, but this I could follow.

I don’t want to tear in and rip this apart but I couldn’t stand the synthesized classical music. I am picky and like to think I’m eclectic, but I am used to classes or workouts that use rock, hip hop and pop. I think classical is great to teach children in an intro ballet or intro fine arts class, or better yet, go to a full symphony orchestra concert! But it doesn’t get me going in the morning. It was almost trying to get me to sleep, but annoying-fake-synthesizer will keep me awake.

More importantly, this was a great introduction to barre workouts. Never fear! You don’t need to go out and renovate your home into a dance studio with nice smooth bars, you can use the back of a chair.

In Wellness systems, LLC offers a fun, good workout DVD here! You can find it on

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