Monday Diva Night at Fleet Feet!

So Monday blues had me on the couch sick with a cold. I kept drinking tea, cleansing smoothies, and watching all the tv I could until I spotted post something about Fleet Feet (nearby) having a diva night. I was like, “oh gosh I feel better already! So I flew there! (I was past Contagion but I knew it was worth it once I stepped in the door!)
The first thing on my agenda was to try on the most comfortable thing in the world:
A! Of course you know it’s Save the TaTas pink breast cancer awareness month, right? If you know me, you know I have struggled with bras ever since I was young. From the wrong attention and nasty comments from men, to bullying jealous girls, to back pain, weight fluctuation, I have always had trouble. I kind of almost understand why Angelina removed them. They can be troublesome! 8 in 10 women wear the wrong size! I liked their popular style (fiona), but I fell in love with and ordered the Fineform (with the snazzy hook in back for the optional racer back!)
Then I got down to business. The fun and spirited running coach-Fleet feet store hostess was so organized and had delicious refreshments for us(think wine, cheese, popcorn and veggies!) She had this amazing raffle giveaway (where I won a great goodie bag with delicious protein snack bars!) but the fun part was we each got a chance to survey the vendors and if we answered each question correctly, we had more chances to win. We even got to sample some! image
One of my highlights was meeting and hearing from Melissa, the Valentine Registered Dietician. She talked to us about nutrition and helped us with runner’s issues or questions we had about diets and what to eat pre and post workout.

We also learned about the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe 5k runhardrockcafe.comwhich helps homeless youth at and heard from the team at (a fabulous charity that supports childhood/pediatric cancer). We checked out insoles(my Physical Therapy coworkers tell me those are the best!), and We even had a fabulous yoga demonstration from the neighborhood,!


Take that, Monday Blues!
Thanks to Melissa and Fleet Feet!


2 thoughts on “Monday Diva Night at Fleet Feet!

  1. That sounds like a blast! Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere just for the sake of fun events like this. Glad it busted up your Monday blues and sickies. Cheers!

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