There is always time for rest…and YOGA!

DISCLAIMER: I received this DVD but no monetary compensation, mainly to test and review the product, and all opinions are my own. It is important to consult your personal physician before trying any exercise program.

From the cover:

Ashley Turner is one of the premiere yoga teachers in Los Angeles.

To my credit, I was walking in the dark, but I think because I was hurrying or carrying my stuff(always spilling coffee or dropping things;)) I didn’t see the uneven sidewalk and so, I tripped and fell Tuesday night, scraping my knee and twisting my ankle. Wednesday I couldn’t join my friends at November project and hobbled around at work icing the swollen, painful ankle, so I checked out this DVD. I was super frustrated thinking this injury would set me back, considering I’m trying to lose a couple lbs before next week, the end of my Diet Bet game. Today I only put in half a day at work because I have a cold. Ugh. I can’t swallow, so mainly liquids for me. Perfect chance for more yoga! Which also happens to be part of the Instagram next milestone define brave challenge.

God slows me down- He wanted me to rest! My husband is back at work, which such a relief after a long struggle of him looking for work. Now I have canceled weekend plans so that I can rest up. I do feel swamped at my job, but I really need to rest.

So this DVD! Ashley has a calming voice and sounds very knowledgeable. She has been teaching for 10 years and has a masters in Psychology and has been named one of the “Who’s Who of power yoga” too. The DVD featured gorgeous calming scenery(of my pacific!) and a lovely, relaxed sense of being throughout.

Did I tell you about all the times people have assumed I’m pregnant? Could be a cultural thing, could be a gluten bloated belly, could be a newlywed thing (in the last three years), could be the shirt I was wearing…but I can’t stand it. I have always desired a flat belly(I don’t mind about the 6 pack I just want to lose this old tire), but there are days where I’m happy with myself and days where I hate it and days where I love starchy things and days where I want to burn all carbs! There was once a time when a lady came up to me (4mos after our wedding) and put her hand on my belly and said, “oh what’s this?! Oh, is it holiday bloating? I was gonna say that’s a little fast for you! Oh, I know we all need to do more yoga don’t we?” I was so stunned, not realizing she was joking, and I got over it, but from that point on I started working on my core!:) I didn’t think yoga could really help me lose weight.

Now this DVD comes along. I didn’t know what to think. But as you’re slowly stretching and breathing(nothing like a fast paced HIIT or a speed interval run!) you are listening to Ashley’s mental focus: it’s all about how you view your body, what your weight loss goals are, and how to listen to yourself and how to breathe and center yourself.

I have so enjoyed watching the new show “The Red Band Society” on Fox. I think it’s cute, funny, and heartwarming. There is a lovely girl that has an eating disorder. I don’t think she looks all that skinny but I am drawn to slender people. I always wanted to be thinner and leaner, toned and sculpted, but I felt like I was big bones and I knew I loved to eat so there was no danger in me becoming anorexic. But over eaters Anon? Yeah, afraid that’s me. Self mutliating? Depressive and anxious stress eating? Negative self talk? I know all about that.

So I need to uh, do this DVD every day until the positive self talk becomes a part of me. Until it drowns out the past voices of preggo talk and judgmental voices (of others or my own self).

Go check out this DVD from Anchorbay on amazon. It is worth it, fit buds!
Go stretch. Remember to breathe. Listen to the waves of mercy washing over you…

Stop. Rest. Meditate. Move to the rhythm of your breath!



3 thoughts on “There is always time for rest…and YOGA!

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    • Oh I totally hear you! I have ADHD and I’m hypermobile and a doer so I never really liked it! I do well in a class if the teacher is good. I just know it calms me and that I need it once in a while.

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