The Fitness Games (review of one fun little app!)

disclaimer: As part of the FitApproach, LLC Sweat Pink team, I got to test the premium TFG app for a campaign. I wasn’t compensated monetarily and all opinions are my own. As always, before starting any fitness program, please go talk to your doctor!

I was first introduced to at IdeaWorld health and Fitness Expo. I downloaded it but…to be honest, got busy and forgot about it until Fit Approach’s wonderful sweat pink team allowed me to review it. So began my search for virtual friends to compete with!

Basically you create a profile, you choose a workout(create your own, strength/cardio, or choose a preset workout plan),&compete against someone online or even yourself!

I was thrilled about this idea! I am sad to say I didn’t make time to use it every day (due to work schedule changes or my other gym classes I usually attend). I enjoy little badges and points(I am a gold star girl), so this idea totally makes sense to me. In order for it to work, you must keep the app open and actively submit the workout right away when you complete it.(I was like 1 minute too slow so I lost the wall sit challenge that first challenged me to but that’s ok).

I sweated and huffed and puffed through a bodyweight HIIT challenge with a user named URG, and I posted it on Instagram saying, I DONT CARE THAT I LOST, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT I DID IT!:) I was inspired and motivated by these challengers!

One of the workouts I did I forgot to enter the reps, sets&weights I did! But what does one do if they don’t have access to all the gym equipment? Now, once I did one against myself, and I had to wait in line, the gym happened to be super busy at that time, so that slowed me down walking to find the machine, a free bench, or the right size weight for me.

TFG is really helpful if you are like me and you walk into a gym without a plan. I usually rely on the class instructor (or a personal trainer) to do all the thinking for me, but this makes it fun.

Thanks for the opportunity TFG! Readers, go check it out at your App Store.



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