Review of the amazing 10min.Solution HIIT DVD

I tell you what, I love my gym classes but every now and then I need to mix it up a little.
Also, my work schedule keeps changing so on Monday morning I popped in this DVD. I guess I am more social, because usually I do so much better in the gym or with a friend or in a class. So I don’t do a lot of videos in general (only if it’s raining or I don’t have a lot of time).
But, guys! This video blew me away!
I was drenched with sweat. This DVD is really cool. You have the option of simply doing one 10min workout or mixing them up (you could do a 20, 30min etc). And the best part? No equipment needed and it’s a great bodyweight workout!!!
I liked how the girl (Lisa Kinder who happens to have a great workout in next month) was energetic and not too cheesy. She counted and demonstrated and helped me understand what exactly each workout did or how each worked.
I really recommend you give it a try!
Get your copy here!


Disclosure: For this post, I did not receive any monetary compensation. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.
Before starting any new health and fitness program, please consult your physician.


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