Virtual 4.0 race!

I have always wanted to do a virtual race or fun run, and never really followed through. I loved how ran a neon dash to celebrate her last day of her thirties, but she planned a huge virtual race, a 4.0 mile fun run and scavenger hunt, complete with a giveaway we can enter to win!
So yes, it is free and you still have a chance to do it, too. My cousin saw me post it on Facebook so she walked it! I want to do it all over again too!
Yesterday, I printed my bib (she made us one!) and got all ready after church. I think I run faster at the beach so I left my husband near the waves with our gear and headed a couple miles to Venice beach and back to Santa Monica. It was super fun, because
A.people watching there is the best!
B. perfect weather
C. Fun scavenger hunt(something beautiful, unique, etc)
D.I only stopped to get this tshirt salesman off my back and to take a couple pics.
E. All of the above
Dingdingding! E is the correct answer.

So, happy birthday to one fantastic blogger!

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