November Project LA(a newbie’s review) (one of my favorite magazines) has been featuring and I have been dying to go check it out.
OR start one here.
OR see if they had one near me.
Lo and behold a friend posted something about the San Fran one and his friend thevalentinerd.comtagged me on Instagram telling me
So I went this morning, dreading waking up and driving ten miles but there wasn’t traffic and I made it right on time!!!
So what is it you ask?
Who would work out at 6:30am every Wednesday? And it’s a hardcore challenging HIIT or run or something crazy too! Who in their right mind would do this?
I ended up having such a great time!
I met lots of cool, motivating people and we all yell and cheer each other on.
Orrin was our leader, and he told us the plan for the day. November Project was started by two guys in Boston when they couldn’t train during their normal sports season in the cold winter months. You have to have an accountability partner who will meet you at 6:27 am every MWF or until you get a group going. Read more in RW mag or in their blog.
This morning we ran up and down all the stadium stairs with burpees in between; it was tough!
I think I’m addicted! We will see if I make it next week.


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