A thankful heart=a grateful post

“If you want to be humble, be grateful. Remember to say thank you, and you will go places!”- my dad always raised us on this mantra.
Have you seen the thankfulness posts on Facebook where you challenge someone to do five days of gratefulness?
Lately, I have been stressed, overworked, and tired. We are implementing a new computer system at work and so we have all been trying to figure it all out, and we have been swamped and drained.
Yesterday I complained all day. When I saw the sunset I started thinking, “but I have valid, justifiable reasons to whine and moan!” Then I realized for every complaint I have a positive response.
I hate the humidity but I love the sunsets.
I hate ALS, cancer and dementia, but I am healthy and I have happy memories with those loved ones who are battling those.
I don’t like the new computer system and the pressure we have been under, but I am thankful for my supervisor and my great coworkers.
I hate job loss and unemployment and I hate waiting! But I am happily married to one sweet, helpful husband who’s looking and trying.
What are you thankful for?

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