This SoCal gal isn’t used to running in the rain

I was kind of on call for work yesterday then ended up not having to work but am being called in soon (earlier than normal). So this morning I went for a run, but had no idea it was going to rain. Sometimes arthritis will tell me! I guess my supplements are working;) It was a nice refreshing quick watering, the gentle sound against my hard heavy pounding and my playlist. I got a little wet but it’s kind of like when you get a hard workout sweat soaked shirt, it actually wasn’t that bad! I did slow down on the downhill because it was slick, and my pace is still slow uphill. I could blame that on just my tired, worn out self too, not just the hills. anyone? Have you heard of it, tried it, done it before? They have a great smartphone app too. I’m excited but only have 1 maybe so far. I’m ready to get my team started! I’m hung Ho because I’ve been feeling sluggish and stressed lately. I have a lot on my plate, so sometimes I don’t plan well and then I eat poorly too(or over eat the comfort foods). I have watched the scale go up instead of watching it go down and I am Ready for a change.

Last night I heard from some amazing women musicians and met some cool artists at out at Arcadia Blues club. My fantastic friend was there not just a producer of the event but she sang and played piano! I also really enjoyed and met the wonderful and loved too! I liked as well as ! We also heard some amazing poetry too. What a great night!
I felt so motivated and alive after talking to ! They are a fabulous resource for Healthy Living!!! I am learning so much from them.


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