Power protein bars (review of yumminess!)

Disclosure: I received various samples and bars from IdeaWorld fitness expo booths, and I enjoyed tasting each one! I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

I was honored to meet the creator of YouBar! Anthony was kind and gracious and gave me the vegan gluten free, the paleo chocolate and a new lemon one! I’m afraid either I waited too long on the vegan one, or it’s kind of like my raw/vegan cooking experiences- it crumbles to bits. It tasted Delicious, and I love the good ingredients(it’s full of healthy carbs which helped on my hike this morning)! The chocolate was perfect, great texture, healthy paleo friendly ingredients. I shared the lemon with my coworker who absolutely loved the ingredients! She didn’t love the texture, but she liked the low sugar content and we liked the mild lemon flavor(sometimes lemon is too overpowering or fake (like in a store processed lemon bar) but she thought maybe a little coconut oil would’ve helped the dry, crumbly texture. Really, though, you should just head on over to YouBar and design your own. I was struggling with this idea thinking I would pack mine full of so many good things that it wouldn’t come out right, but they have certified techs to help you with that! They know what it needs more or less of. I love YouBar as a company, the idea is swell! You get what you want, custom made, and at a similar cost to other protein bars on the market. Make it however you want! Put your name or mantra or motto on it! Great for bloggers or PTs who want to build their business. Get a sample protein mixed box too!

I love, love, love the Quest Coconut Cashew bar!!! I can’t say it enough. It’s almost like an Almond Joy but WAY healthier and better! At the expo, I didn’t get to try their new Protein chips(my blog should be called “chipaholicfindsthegym” or something similar!) but I got to try out their bars.
Has anyone tried quest pasta?
I like their packaging because it gives you that hint of craving like when you want a dessert, just reach for a quest bar! Go ahead and get a sampler!

I got to meet the creator! These guys were super nice. I love that these guys have things like:
-zone/kosher/vegan friendly
Now, their almond bars tend to have that amaretto flavoring I don’t prefer, but this doesn’t make sense because I LOVE the nut, I just don’t like almost flavor. I haven’t found an almond milk that I love, but I love almond butter and love almond flour. Inconsistent? Sigh, yes, afraid so. I love their chocolate brownie (great texture) and peanut butter ones (especially toffee!) too though! You can get a sample box!

This booth handed me one of their green little square boxes of the mocha at the end of the day, saying to just try half and see how you feel. So I saved it for the next morning (because I can be sensitive to caffeine). I loved the flavor and loved the powerful ingredients. I think this is perfect for a morning workout girl like myself! It’s a time-released 100% natural product too!

Now, what about you? Favorites? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks to all of these great companies and to ideafit.com

This pic is grabbed from google images of protein bars:) thanks to ahealthiermichigan.org

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