The magical fit circle (thanks Merrithew!)

Oh you guys, coming down from the high of vacation and the amazing blogfest, and back to reality, I got to try the Fitness Circle from !
Now, as someone who wanted (read: needed) to get into Pilates but never really made the time or money for it, this is perfect. At the blogfest, I received the–Strength-and-Endurance-Matwork-With-Props too! I WISHED I had the circle with me on my pre-blogfest vacation(snicker: that was when I fell, running in VA, and really bloodied and bruised my knees so I was out and now am finally getting back into running!)! It is a great piece of fitness gear to travel with the Fitness circle because it is lightweight and fits most bags. I haven’t taken it to the gym yet, but I certainly could.
One morning we had an errand to run so I knew I wouldn’t have time to make it to work, so I woke up, grabbed my lemon water, and popped in the DVD. We did get to stretch a little at blogfest with the fit circle but this was an excellent new 25minute workout for me, as it added variety and mixed up my mundane routine (run or the gym, I love both but sometimes need a shake up!)!
We warmed up, learned some great Pilates moves, and cooled down. They moved slowly enough that even I (uncoordinated!no Zumba here) could get the hang of it! I want to introduce it to my sisters or workout buds sometime too!
For more on fitness circles, go to

My only little dilemma is still my frustration with my beloved When I can’t go to the gym and I try the “workout in home or office” I literally have to be moving so fast, that mat work, yoga, Pilates, good stretching, good Pinterest dumbbell workouts, don’t always count as movement:( so I have to run in place or do jumping jacks or something big and monstrous, just for it to register. In this case, the fit circle did about a good 15 minutes of movement but I was still having to move more for it to count(do other stuff, walk around house, etc) so I decided to not let it count and tried to walk on lunch so that it would still count. Now, wi things withings.comapp you have to carry your phone with you everywhere for it to count steps. It’s funny how some of my apps sync correctly with my and some don’t. I am still getting the hang of and the new heart rate monitor chest strap (I love it just am learning the apps). If I have wi things and fitbit synced, why doesn’t it count my steps from there? 🙂
See what I’m saying? It’s okay. Just laughing as I learn.
Go be a weekend warrior today! I’m taking my sister to the gym to try my yeahhh! #gettinswole

Disclosure: I received the Fit Circle at the IdeaWorld BlogFest. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

4 thoughts on “The magical fit circle (thanks Merrithew!)

  1. So glad that you’ve enjoyed working out with your Fitness Circle, Christiana! Glad we were able to provide it to you just as you were meaning to give Pilates a try! It would be fun to give a STOTT PILATES Reformer class a whirl with the Fitness Circle, if there are any offered in your area. Enjoy!

    Lisa Richards
    Brand Journalist
    Merrithew Health & Fitness

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