Workout with my sis and then a workout with an Olympian!

Thursday night LAX was an absolute zoo. But I picked up my sister (ready to start her third year at ) and we celebrated her 21st with Rose wine and Trader Joe’s cookie butter ice cream.
(Late night rare treats!)
So Friday morning came early and we were so tired but I was so excited for her to check out my favorite teacher’s Nike Training Bootcamp at 24 hour fitness.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It was super hard, even harder than usual, and we all wanted to just drop, pass out, or throw up. We did not quit, but it was super crazy! Jill(my beloved teacher) said, “If you think you aren’t good at burpees, come to my class where we do thousands!”& I looked over at my sis and said, “Um, they still don’t get any easier!” She loves intense HIIT like me, but we felt out of shape and sore yesterday. I came home from work Friday and she had really organized my kitchen, telling me she had napped, but no, she surprised me by cleaning, husband did laundry, and they made gluten free veggie pizza!
Yesterday I had a busy day but you wouldn’t know it by my step count. I went to spin and did a little weights, and I had a couple piano lessons, face timed my friend in Ireland and talked to my sis in Boston (she blogs at ). Then I fed my friend’s cats and we went down to Orange County for a friend’s goodbye party. I’m sad they are moving to TX, but thrilled at the same time for them.
This morning after church I made a yummy brunch and then I was off to the gym for a workout with personal trainer and Olympian athlete, J.R. Wilson.
When I saw this flyer at the gym, I just thought it was a short abs workout, figured it might be some hard crunches and such, but no!

I WAS WRONG! It was the hardest CORE workout, not what I was expecting.
First, we warmed up with high knees and butt kicks. We did THREE rounds of the following with dumbbells:
– Bulgarian split squats
– Sumo squat jumps
– Partner squats with shoulder press
We weren’t quite done yet! We did the Abs Saw, partner plank with high five claps, and then we finally cooled down and stretched. I felt a little weak and queasy toward the end, but I was fine once I drank water.
I could barely walk down stairs and out to my car!
This evening we took a short stroll to the park because I needed to stretch and get a few more steps(my fitbit is charging now).
We relaxed a lot today, so I feel tired now.

But WAIT, don’t go! I still have lots to review from the fitness expo, yet tonight I have exciting news! Not only am I a sweat pink ambassador , I am now joining Girls Gone Sporty and ! I am truly honored! Thanks all!

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