Being present in the midst of chaos

Mindful? Meaningful? Everyone is looking for meaning aren’t we?
We all want to slow down. We all need to breathe. We sometimes need a vacation after a vacation.
While I was on vacation, I did not sleep well nor did I get must rest. However, I spent quality family time with in-laws and met some terrific new friends.
One of them, my new blogger bud just posted a wonderful review of our fabulous sweatpink blogfest at IdeaWorld! He mentioned yours truly so that’s where I got my title from.
One of my inspirational friends Sarah at has been doing weekend cleanses or challenges here and there, and this is where I got inspired to write this post.
Now, in all honesty, I needed to write this post! I have been stressed out to the max. I am doing a lot! (My workouts and healthy cooking, and blogging, but also my piano lessons I teach, and mainly my full time job, then there’s social and community groups or book clubs sometimes, and this summer we pet sat often!). Mainly because my husband can’t find work, but he helps try to lighten the housework and such! I am prone to headaches, depression, anxiety panic attacks, and I think I have ADHD, and I can be very emotional and hormonally off balance sometimes. I am a doer who doesn’t have the patience for procrastination, who used to hate yoga because it made me sit still, and I am proud of my efficient multitasking skills.
Lately I had read or seen lots of articles or quotes about how multitasking is not a good thing. I was starting to feel guilty and overwhelmed that I am not centered, focused, or grounded (which is why my anchor ankle tattoo is there, to remind me to stay on track!). I want more girls’ nights or more time to relax, but I don’t make time for those.
Every morning, I try to give myself time to wake up by meditating or reading. I especially enjoy the guided meditations, free challenges that Oprah does with or the I like devotional plans on the You version Holy Bible app, but I also prefer staying unplugged and just reading or journaling in a quiet place too!
Here’s where the problem lies. After a good 15-30minutes, I go take my vitamin shake, I get dressed in work out clothes, and then after my workout and shower, I’m at work. On lunch I like to walk, stretch, or read, but my dilemma is, I have forgotten all what the guide(the yogi, the Book, etc) said to me that morning! Other things take me through my day, busyness, rude people, motivating friends, yummy food, and other distractions like that! At night, I want to put dinner on the table, read or watch something mindless, stretch, and hit the hay.
I KNOW meditation works, I know I like it, I just want that “fully present” moment to last all throughout the day. My attitude goes up and down based on circumstances, which means I am still learning contentment.
I have read good books and articles on this subject. I should know!:)
I know many people who claim to be yogis, yoga practice peeps, yoga masters, and “all I do is yoga!” people. Yet they don’t seem fully aware or present, they seem uptight and busy, tense like a crazy squirrel.
I am worried I am becoming just that!
What tools do you use for slowing down, meditating, and getting RnR?
Light a candle or incense? Do you have a favorite essential oil? A tea or book or favorite locale? Bubble bath? Ocean? Hiking?
Anyway, I don’t want to worry about worrying either!
I look forward to Saturdays (in between piano students) where I can read in the sun or do yoga outside or rest at Descanso Gardens or the beach.
Anybody got a way to get a little peace&quiet during the week though?!
Thanks! I appreciate tips.



5 thoughts on “Being present in the midst of chaos

  1. I always make at least 10 minutes to meditate when my fiance isn’t home. It’s great to have that time for me! I uploaded a few onto my phone so if I’m really stressed while I’m out I can find a quiet place to sit and listen.

  2. You are so sweet:) I am always happy to help. I must say I think you are doing a great job. One thing that really helps me throughout the day and when going from one thing to the next is listening to mindful focused podcast’s. I really love anything Dr. Wayne Dyer does or Marianne Williamson. I just search I tunes podcasts or sometimes I will check out CD’S from the library and listen in my car. They almost always help me realize that the things I stress about or worry about are very trivial and don’t really matter. Keep up the effort, you’ll find your peace:)

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