My week thus far…

This is the one where I get to tell you about schedule changes, busy days, and mention how tired I am…

I used to exercise first thing in the morning to get it over with. Now that I work later, I workout in the morning because it would never happen after work! I have found morning gym classes I love, and I look forward to seeing my gym buddies in the morning. Getting there early means prime parking and first dibs on machines. (My 24 hour fitness gyms seem to be super busy in the after work rush hours). I was starting to get into a nice routine of trying to do my hair and makeup, jewelry and meals planned out also.

This summer we took a few pet sitting jobs which meant my schedule changed a little(I’d go back and forth to check on animals instead of showering at he gym or at my own place so I had less time at the gym, which is okay because I’d walk or hike the dog or I’d run a new trail).

Then boom! Monday until tomorrow I’ve had to do computer training at work, 7-11am classes, then go to my desk. Monday I was super bummed I didn’t get very far with my fitbit. I should have tied it onto my shoelace when I went on the elliptical on lunch. Even though we go to bed around 10-10:30pm, waking up before 7 is always hard for me. Do I shower at 5:30am? Do I shower at night? I have been doing well with meal planning! I just have had these super long, draining days! Yesterday I did the indoor bike. Today I had a great hard hilly run. Tomorrow I should do weights but I want it to be a tough(Pinterest maybe?) workout.

Then Friday, I wake up real early and jump on a plane for…


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