Meal planning

Ok everybody let’s talk about my least favorite topic!
I love food. I love to cook.I even love shopping at Trader Joes and Super King. Baking isn’t my favorite but I’ll try it. Couponing isn’t a strength but I try to do it. I love laundry and housecleaning. I love practicing my piano and I absolutely love to work out and I love my job.
Last week we did ok. This week I warned him I would be working late and going over to cat sit before getting home (8pm or later which all the weight loss and PT folks will tell you is too late to eat!)…so, I decided we would eat like kings for breakfast, queens for lunch, and paupers for dinner(a light smoothie or salad). If that was too hard, we have sandwiches and leftovers for him.
Monday I had two run two errands but I still went on a run. Um, breakfast plan A didn’t happen(he had to run an errand also). Mon. Night we both were on our own for dinner because we were both out late (I got a veggie burrito out).
Tuesday I went to my favorite spin class and so, it didn’t happen.
Last night he was texting me while I was really busy at work, and I thought he had leftovers, but on my way home he said he was still hungry so I stopped at Kebab Daddy(you can look them up on twitter or facebook). Sigh -it was so delicious and fairly healthy but I scarfed it down too late!
I went to bed feeling guilty and so tired, only to wake up early again(considering we are house sitting)…so once I meditated and read and tried to doze,I just got up, started a delicious huevos rancheros. Oh this is where it gets good. My friend was texting me to please meet her at the gym(I was worried I didn’t have time), so I packed my gym bag, and put a tortilla and some of the eggs/beans in a Tupperware, and off I went! This is my issue- if I’m running to the gym I grab a quick fruit/yogurt/oatmeal, but I’m starving after my workout, never before and don’t wanna workout on a full stomach! This plan was Perfect! I did stair master and run/walked, abs&push-ups with my friend and showered and made it to work early so I could eat my breakfast!
Now how to make that happen every day?!
Who has quick easy meal ideas for me? Pinterest!;) thanks guys:) I feel so far behind so I’m going to return back to work. edit then I finished my day with this delicious green smoothie! Have a great day!


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