W.O.W,midweek thoughts, variety, and a spider

What a busy hump day! After a slow, chill beginning to my work week, things picked up today. But, LEST WE FORGET! First things first:
Workout Wednesday consisted of my friend and I needed a little variety to spice up the old mundane NTC. We met at Burbank, my favorite new 24, which I rarely get to go to because it isn’t as close as the others I frequent and sometimes there is traffic. We took the body combat class, which I like, and it’s more my pace (a mixed martial arts, slow paced turbo jam or turbo kick, like cardio kickboxing but slower choreography).
This brings to me the question: variety is wonderful, but how do you stop spinning plates to get good at ONE thing? For instance, I love cardio barre, but I’ve known people to get tired of it. I can see how my friends love Zumba, but I would need to go every day to ever even come close to trying to learn those moves. I am a big fan of functional training and cross training. I love running, and spinning (I can’t go as fast or far on a road or mountain bike like my husband) but I want to learn to swim the real strokes way! I love the gym for group exercise classes like Bodypump (weight lifting for dummies), and for things like these awesome new star trac lock n’ load technology over at af but I need my running too!
I want really good form and technique in Bodypump but also in running. I can’t do both every day! How do YOU find the balance?
So my favorite bloggers, people like Jill and famous beauty blogger Cara both have a once a week “fab Friday” or faves list idea that I want to pay homage and copy. I have now decided to remind myself every Wednesday and/or Thursday I will blog a “Midweek thoughts” and that should help keep me on track!
The day ended back at the house we are dog sitting 3&catsitting 2(that’s 5 animals!) where at first we thought one of the pit bulls had found a lizard.
Uh no, it was this ebony spider you are seeing.
I have arachnophobia so my husband helped guide the ebony guy (or girl?) back into the bushes but I was so scared someone would get bit !
Their bites can hurt but they aren’t poisonous so I will rest easy tonight!

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