Vega bar review

What could be better? Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I got the opportunity to receive a box of the deliciousness that is Vega protein bars! They arrived in dry ice and I happened to come home from work tired and drained, so I ate one. I was so glad to get 15 grams of healthy protein because I was too tired to cook that late and it satisfied me all night long.
The next morning I tried one after my Zumba+weights workout, which is how it’s meant to be used. A power bar recovery snack on the go, low carb option that is all natural (non-GMO) and yummy and all around truly great! The good quality may mean a tad more $, but this is good because don’t they say not to eat where you buy gas? 🙂
Then the next day I knew I was in for a killer HIIT workout so I HAD to eat one on my way to the gym. Both mornings this bar kept me satisfied till lunch, and some days I am so hungry I feel I have to snack on everything (patients bring in baked goods, vending machine junk, etc.), so that was comfort knowing I had a healthy satisfying bar tiding me over.
I opted for the chocolate peanut butter which also has 2.5 BCAAs, 2g glutamine, and 1g of omega-3s. Brendan formulated these, and he is a vegan ironman triathlete. They have protein powders and energy gels too. I love that it’s not super sickly sweet but it helps my sweet n’ salty chocolate cravings too. My coworker ate one I gave her after her long hard day of work and she loved it! Thanks Vega and fitapproach !
Check out their awesome campaign at fuelyourbetter

Disclosure: I received these Vega protein bars through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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