Go to the mattresses

My husband has been imitating Marlon Brando so perfectly lately, it really makes me laugh! This post is all about going back to the basics, the essentials, the bare minimum:
My new barefoot minimalist Vibram Five Fingers!
Woohoo! I love these shoes so much! Friday night I wore them around the house. Saturday I wore them around the house and on a quick walk around the block(pavement). Last night I had a really long walk (mostly pavement, a little trail, and heavenly grass!) and today I will try them out at work. (So glad my boss doesn’t make me wear high heels!)
It was thanksgiving 2011, and I had tried to get back into running for about 2 years. Everything was giving me headaches, neck and back pain. I didn’t want that to stop me from running. A new friend at the Turkey dinner table(the house in AZ I was visiting) said “oh have you heard of Chi, barefoot or minimalist?” I just then began checking out all the options and trail running shoes and books and blogs about it! I was so excited thinking this was my chance! My mama gave me a pair of minimalist New balance that I fell in love with for Christmas but they only lasted 3-4mos. Before I saw wear and tear(tiny holes). That’s my concern is how good is the quality if they are really thin? How supportive?
I love my saucony ride 7s because they do help me on the pavement. But I want to conquer the hills of Griffith Park!
If I were you, I would go to a store and try them on to get the correct size. Then I would follow their instructions and really just wear them a little bit at a time to break them in.
Go for it! Wear whatever shoes are best for you. In cross trainers my feet do better in the gym classes. In minimalist shoes (now my vibrams) I will get to soar up the trails!:)


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