Organic Sunshine Burgers review

I did not want to wait this long to post about the goodness that is Sunshine burgers.
All natural, clean, pure vegan patties that are non GMO, gluten free, and easy to prepare. They are healthy! They come in several different tasty varieties.
Not only are they all of the above, but, my friends, they are
The thing I absolutely love about them that I absolutely can’t seem to find in any other patties? Their consistency and texture are out of this world supreme!
I once had a bad experience with boca burgers. Maybe they changed their recipe! So I have searched high and low for a good veggie burger that satisfies, only to be disappointed every.single.time.
My friends raved about the Slater’s 50/50 restaurant vegetarian patty, so I thought I’d give it a try. It fell apart and it had corn and carrots (not my favorite)and I disliked the texture. Stick to the bacon goodness (50% bacon with 50% beef) that you’re known for, dear Slater’s(I love their other menu items and haven’t gone completely vegetarian yet).
So I fell in love with Sunshine burgers you guys. I finally settled on something delicious, worth the price, worth shopping around my neighborhood(not Sprouts, not Gelsons, but Whole Foods had them!), and it makes on the go lunches quick and easy and it totally made my 4th of July celebration 100% better!
And so, since I was so thoroughly excited, I tried them out on a couple vegetarian coworkers, who absolutely love them as well!
My personal favorite? The Hemp & Sage, followed by Loco Chipotle, Falafel, then Garden Herb, next, Barbecue. I am awaiting my special order at Whole Foods to try the Mushroom and the Southwest. I will let you know.
My coworkers loved the Falafel and Garden Herb and Hemp&Sage too, but most of all they loved the texture and how it doesn’t crumble too much nor does it taste too oddly healthy or anything weird. They loved the perfect consistency! They said the falafel was just a slight hint, it wasn’t too salty or overly seasoned. The tendency to overdo one ingredient happens all the time. Say you buy gluten free bread? It has sugar in it. Say you try fat free something or other? High in carbs or sodium. You want low sodium sauce? It comes with loads of sugar or some other unhealthy additive.
The coworkers that loved the falafel started in on “It would be good with tahini, hummus, tabbouleh, or…” And we laughed because I didn’t bring the whole entire Mediterranean faire up the hill to work that day!
Now, I am not a huge BBQ fan because I like the spicy tangier sauces rather than the sickly sweet versions. For more on this, go to serious eats from the BBQ post, 05/2011. I can say no to BBQ flavored chips any time 🙂 And my husband says he overcooked my BBQ patty that time and he loved his and my coworker liked hers too(not her fave, but she isn’t a huge BBQ fan either).
I am using the microwave less and less these days, but I quickly flipped these on the stove at work/home and my husband threw ours on the grill. All easy, fast, and still delicious!
I am so excited about this product! Only sorry I didn’t tell you sooner!
Thank you my sweatpink family from fitapproach and Organic Sunshine Burgers for this great opportunity!

Disclosure: I received these coupons and a Visa gift card through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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