Sometimes we need to just…stroll…

I have been on such a HIIT streak, working on toning and burning fat, happily seeing results! I love spin and running and mixed MA/cardio kickboxing, hiking, and swing dance. I like lifting weights but it is tough.

What do all these great things have in common? Cardio. Which is fine but sometimes I need to breathe, meditate, slow down to stretch,& do yoga.
Sometimes I charge into a group exercise class, I run hard in my neighborhood hills or on the treadmill, trying to beat my time, or I am just going around like a madwoman trying to get tasks done at work or home.
Yesterday we took a hike walk with the dogs we are pet sitting and my head ached all day then I took a self defense class. Sometimes I need to slow down like the dogs do,& just sniff and breathe! They charge out the door or on a trail, pulling you, then all of a sudden they stop short- they found a marking or a bush or tree they like. As part of SD summer challenge, I’m learning to unplug and take a deep breath. I use my iPhone for so many things, and it is helpful sometimes, but it is also making me miss out on real conversation, daily living, and true rest. There are times I have panicked because I didn’t know where my phone was, then I realized “I don’t have to have it you know!”& go on doing what I was doing, only to discover how great that day was when my phone was lost!
There are notifications I have turned off or moments when my phone is dark or silent but usually in my workouts I have it somewhere nearby because of an app I was using (iTunes or gympact app or Runkeeper). There are times when I happily discover I don’t need it and that’s okay!
I love pictures so I love FB, Instagram, Pinterest, & snap chat. However, there are times when I wish I had my phone to take a pic and then there are times when I didn’t need to post that pic, I was just showing off! Ha!
I love the gratification of a like(thumbs up), a pat on the back, a comment or text, then it hits me: “Ew I don’t like their attitude or tone, why are they telling me how I should live?!” Then I sit and stew over it, toxically draining wasted energy and guilt.
I am one who believes the Bible tells us how to live, but there are thousands of interpretations that are distracting me from meditating and hearing God’s voice on this or that subject! There are opinions on food and diet, workout fads, shoes, movies, musicians, and what to spend your time on. I say go out and be yourself, live your life to the fullest, and relax. You are your own beautiful person!

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