Appointment with Lonnie from Full Plate Living

I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  Just a lot on my mind, really.  

However, I have had a great morning so far.  I woke early and got ready for my spin class, knowing I had a 7a appointment with Lonnie from Full Plate Living.  He spoke very kind, encouraging thoughts and listened to my problem.  My dilemma is I am a big snacker.  I get tired of carrots, celery and apples, so I reach for potato or corn chips.  I ought to be reaching for something healthier, or maybe I just don’t need to eat!  I’m a receptionist so I sit near a candy dish too!  I used to be able to say no to candy and sweets.  Ever since I was a teen, I got into this 3-5p snack time habit.  I don’t understand it!

But Lonnie from this blog site really helped me.  He gave me some new, tangible tips, hints, tricks, and goals.  He asked me how adventurous I am, and we discussed possibly eating a bigger breakfast(I’m always hungry after the gym and try to eat a yogurt or a smoothie, but not a big breakfast, and then a medium lunch, and then a small, light supper. Genius idea!  Brilliant!  Now if I could get my husband on board…!:-)

Anyways, Lonnie was gracious in explaining habit forming things, and told me that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between cravings and actual hunger.  He said it sounds like I’m doing a good job, I just need to get creative with my strategies and goals! Which, I CAN DO!:)

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