So invigorated!

My coworker dead lifted 175 lbs! So she inspired me to keep pushing! On Saturday I tried to up my bicep weight in bodypump and did okay! I was sore from Jill’s tough Nike training bootcamp on Friday. This one girl had 50 or 60 lbs on her bar and I was so blown away!
So today in bodypump I thought, “I think I can, I think I can!”& I did!!! I really did! It felt so good!
I might try again on a different body part next time!:)
I have been successfully either getting my steps in and working out or jogging every day(even Sundays which I thought I used to just need to rest)!
Now if only I can stay off chips/snacks in the afternoon…
I love clean eating and feel so much better, but there are days where I love a good crunchy snack. I just need to plan ahead and find more of a variety than celery and carrots!:)
I’m learning to make iced tea or coffee so that even though I love bubbles, I don’t crave a soda(diet or regular! Did you hear Coca Cola is coming out with a stevia version?)
I wish my refrigerator and pantry could just get together and send me the menu plan for the week:)
How are you? Any tips would be appreciated. Go out and enjoy the weather!:)



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