For my readers&fellow bloggers

A few questions I’d like for you to comment, email or discuss!:
Do you prefer following my Instagram or my you tube for videos (workouts, vlogs, songs, etc.) or do you wish I had them imbedded here? I am still new to this am learning how to upload media and all that!(to other bloggers: what methods do you prefer?)
Do you need the blog link every time I update, on twitter and Instagram, or Facebook? Or do you like following email style?
Do you need workout tips or do you get those from personal trainers, Pinterest or elsewhere? Would you like this on here, my Pinterest boards, or just in your email inbox occasionally?(like a once a month or week option or the RSS feed etc.)
Do you like healthy recipes here or Pinterest? I am a foodie who loves pics of food to get ideas, but I know some people dislike this.
Would you like to follow my food journal on my fitness pal or see my workout calendar? Or is this unnecessary and a deterrent? I thought food journals are personal, but it helps me be accountable if I know others are watching and learning (like my fitbit steps and who is ahead of me!)
I want to get in the habit of blogging regularly and I haven’t. I will work on a calendar soon and let you know my plans:)
Do you need help with any of the following& what would you like to see more of:
Gym or home workouts
Workout videos and links for home
AM routines or PM routines (or lunchtime workouts and stretches, walk challenges)
Products or helpful clothing and equipment, app reviews
Blogging, networking
Social media instruction
Notes or reviews on group exercise classes or videos
Menu planning
Workout calendars or schedules

I have big dreams and goals for this blog. I want to help you achieve your fitness goals and am working on learning how to make it better and more useful.
Thanks for your input!


2 thoughts on “For my readers&fellow bloggers

  1. I came on here to read your blog about engaging your abs (which was great by the way). I needed to read the last two entries too! I have been completely defeated the past day or so on my fitness/weight loss goals. Know I’m getting stronger but no weight coming off. Any help/ideas on eating better, meal and snack ideas or just what to eat…I’m in!!! My diet is my downfall. I love a good fitness blog. Love reading your blog. 🙂

    • Oh thanks Shauna! Yes I’ve heard it’s 70% diet- don’t be discouraged we can do this! I love a good green smoothie or yogurt in am, pack a protein salad or soup for lunch, and I have to eat late after work so I try to find healthy snacks in the afternoon. It is hard I know! But it’s so fun being creative:)

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