Making Memorial Day Memories

This morning it felt so good to sleep in. Then we had some cleaning and organizing around the house. My friend then met me at Deukmejian wilderness park for a nice uphill hike, (it was short, just over a mile, but boy was it hard!), complete with lovely views of our valley. We went to Magpie’s after for a salad lunch and went our separate ways. I stopped by La Canada memorial park where they had several booths, including the Humane society with cute pets to adopt, concessions, Cold pressed juice from Orchard Flats, snow cones and root beer floats. After a nice shower I returned to the park with my husband and we danced to the live band, Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries! There were a lot more people and picnics this time. It’s always fun to see the community (my workplace is part of it too) working together, and dancing outdoors brings families together and it’s a super fun way to #sweatpink!:)
This was a great ending to a long, busy, fun filled, tiring weekend! Saturday we drove up to central coast, went wine tasting and had tri tip with friends, yesterday we went to Manhattan beach, and a church picnic, so all in all it was a very full but fun 3 days!


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