Music is so important to me! Some people can just run out the door without any music and jog for miles. Some people just walk into the gym and don’t mind hearing the gym’s playlist overhead. Some people love their fitness instructor’s playlists or their own in their ears!
What do you like to listen to? What makes you go farther, faster, longer, and feel stronger?
Yesterday my little brother who is visiting us came to do his Perfect Push-ups, weights and his own sets in the gym with me and had to have his iPod shuffle of EDM. I went to Nike training class (which this teacher likes to play the same pop hip hop mix every Wednesday; it’s a tough workout but I’m ready for a new set of tracks!)
Running and spinning seem to be a similar mix of 100-120 BPM I think, but it does take time to create playlists that are helpful and motivating.
I love going into a group exercise class and the teacher does all the thinking for me!
Do you have a favorite artist or genre or is it an eclectic mix?
Thanks I’m always up for finding a new selection!

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