Exhale on the hardest part

It hit me. I finally got it. I’ve heard my Bodypump instructors say this a lot but finally I figured out what they were trying to teach me.
“Inhale up(or down depending on the exercise) and then…exhale on the toughest part.” For instance, inhale as you bend over on a dead lift, but exhale as you lower the heavy weight. Or inhale on lowering a bicep curl but exhale on the way back up.
This is true in life. I’m in the darkness of a wilderness- we have been waiting a year for my husband to find a job. We wanted to start a family this year, but it’s too difficult financially. We were paying off debt and then he got laid off. I have been inhaling and panicking, but not really, truly breathing. We are active in church (&he volunteers) but feeling burnt out, stressed with my job and everything else.
Now it is time to exhale. In yoga, as you feel a stretch start to burn, that’s when you let it all out! I get it now.
Now to apply it. Sigh.


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