Best admin professionals day ever!

Since we are dog sitting this week, I’m a little more tired and out of my routine, but happen to be closer to work and actually made it to the gym early today. Got my day started off right with @brooklynfitchick ‘s awesome indoor bike workout, went to NIke Training (HIIT) class, and made a smoothie. I brought cards, drinks and snacks in to my favorite office gals for secretaries day, and received chocolates as a thank you gift for moi as well.
I’ve been coughing here and there a bit(hoping to isn’t a cought/cold flu thing!) but I had a good day. In the late afternoon when I was wrapping things up and got a spare moment, I went flight surfing just to see if I might see something cheap to fly home for a weekend getaway. I happened to see an email from my stepgrandfather. He is wanting to help a little so I could actually go away on said trip! You don’t know what a big deal this is. I have a large family that is spread all over the globe. Worst part of it is my sweet sis with 4 littles lives in the UK! (Read: I never ever get to see them). My husband is looking for work so when I heard they were coming to visit the parentals this summer, I was hoping for a cheap quick getaway. I thought all was lost because my employer is implementing a new training system(read: vacation freeze). I got so excited at the possibility that I even ran it by the supervisor and he said it should totally be fine!
Tonight we made unusual tacos (&ate outside)with the Seasonal Diet ‘s #sprung4spring challenge. I’m slowly becoming vegetarian… I hate raw meat (handling it, scared of E. coli and watching it defrost then cook, Blech!), so why not become vegan? I’ve had some good fish and I have a love affair with cheese and eggs. So I’m still on the fence… But for now am actually working on my New Year’s resolution of eating clean!
Lastly, I’m ending the evening with another good piece of news: I am now a #sweatpink ambassador!(more on that to come, but head on over to FitApproach anyway! I feel so honored.


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