Hop on over to theseasonaldiet.com

Sprung4spring begins today! I want you, my fellow health nuts, runners, & plant based friends to know all about the lovely people behind Cooking with CSA
It’s not too late to go download the packet and jump on this 21 day challenge! I have thought about going vegan, vegetarian, but for now my diet is largely (75%+) plant based. I am going away from a lot of meats and processed foods because I feel better when I eat veggies!(And I happen to be A positive which means I need more green veggies than ever, according to the Blood Type diet).
I had the privilege of meeting The Seasonal Diet geniuses at a vegan blogger’s meetup at Golden Road brewery a few months back. Their idea is wonderful! They teach people (especially busy moms and kids, busy working class) how to use gardens, organic farmers’ market produce, and the like, with great recipes& ideas. Sometimes in my produce box or at home when I’m too tired, I can’t remember how a restaurant fixes a vegetable or I have never heard of this new herb or different breed of cruciferous vegetable! That’s why they created the seasonal diet. To change our thinking so we know to eat what’s fresh, raw, & clean.
Thanks Sarah and Peter for inspiring me! And since I really have to budget right now, this is a free opportunity to jumpstart a spring cleaning of my diet!


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