Surprising me with stereotypes and then again not

On Tuesday I went to my favorite spin class followed by body pump.
These bodypumpers are SERIOUS! I walked up withe two other girls joining one who was filling her barbell with plates, and I hear, “Excuse me!” So I jumped out of the way saying, “oh sorry you were here first”& she says, “uh yes I was here first!” When there’s about 5 of us clamoring to get our weights. I got over it, I didn’t mean to be in her way, didn’t want to make her more mad, so yeah moving on!
Today I visited a different gym and took a new spin class. It was so boring compared to my other one! Cyclists keep to themselves and don’t waste their words. This teacher was yelling in the same monotone every song, “Turn it up!”(meaning the resistance)
…”double!!!!”(pedal faster)
…”single.”(said so sadly, to slow us down). I’m used to my friendly, spunky and cute teacher from Tuesday. I must be spoiled. And some people prefer his style, so I shouldn’t judge.
Zumba people(are too coordinated for me!) are giggly and enthusiastic.
HIIT and Bootcamp and curves coaches are all loud and yell like drill sergeants and we tend to yell and groan back.
Yoga people walk gracefully but talk like they need to do more yoga;) I’m sorry I just have seen way too many harried rushed late people apologizing all over themselves lately as their mat and towel roll out.
Weight lifters like their selfies and try to come on to you or flirt. I am there to lift and then go home.
Runners and hikers are a mixed bunch. I know talkative ones that wave and I know quiet private ones too.

No really now, I’m merely making generalizations here! Sometimes I am surprised when I meet a friendly person at the gym because I’ve also run into some rude ones (I wanna shout back, “really?! I was so nice to you!”)
Most of us I understand are there to get our sweat on (please don’t hit on me or ask me out!) and pull out. We are tired and messy and smelly. Not there to hug our besties or sing as if we were performing or dance or stretch like the perfect athlete. Don’t compare yourself! Go out and do your best, not worrying about what the others are doing. As long as your form is good, you can do anything! 🙂

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