Notes on Les Milles Body Pump (24 hour fitness group Ex)

About body pump
The warmup is nice; start out with a light to medium barbell with a song to wake up the muscles. It feels like a nice stretch before the 50-60 minute sweat session.
Ok friends here goes: why I love this class and how it got me excited to try more group exercise classes! The First heavy squat & back track! It is exhilarating! They usually play an upbeat rock or pop song, and you just follow the teacher’s choreography. It’s not fast paced but it makes you feel strong, beautiful(or handsome), and sexy! After I put the weight down I feel like I can do and accomplish anything and my day is off to a great start! Complete with…ahem, elbow sweat!

Then comes chest. Try medium weight plates. You’re usually lying down on a step or risers/bench, and doing chest presses to the teacher’s count, to a fun pop or rhythm song.
Next up is Back so you can up your weight again. The Triceps make me happy because that helps me think I’m getting rid of flab! Lunges never get any easier! I love biceps too because the songs really pump you up.
Shoulders make you feel like you’re Arnold or another body builder, then when done do some Abdominals (planks, sit ups, crunches etc.). And stretch.
Remember to drink water! I usually do cardio before or on my opposite days because that’s what fits my schedule, but this class is so great (the teacher does all the thinking and hard work for you!:))


2 thoughts on “Notes on Les Milles Body Pump (24 hour fitness group Ex)

  1. I am a body pumper too! This is a great description of exactly what happens. I don’t know why I’m still wobbly on my second leg on lunges. I guess I need to go more than one or two times a week. But I can tell when I travel and have to lift my always over-packed smallish suitcase into the overhead compartment that it’s easier to get up there than in my pre-Body Pump days. Nice post. 🙂

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