Fat day.

About once a month I feel this way.
Bloated like a whale!
I say and think terrible things about my body:(
I look and sound miserable.
I tear myself apart:(
It isn’t fun, so I tend to give in to temptation and want to sleep in, want to eat chips, ice cream, and soda. It is all lies!
I realize that my life has been consumed and revolves around food.
Today is a new day! Clare from peak313 posted on the GMGsite today and quoted my granny!

We cannot give our hearts to God and keep our bodies to ourselves.

I knew and heard the verse “your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit” but it hadn’t really sunk in until today.
I love beauty products and treatments.
I am learning to appreciate rest and exercise. I love vegetables, salad, and water!
So why am I struggling today? Why is the crunch of potato chips sometimes tastier than carrots or celery?
My favorite spin teacher played the “Happy” song by Pharrell Williams. That helped, but then I sit by the candy dish at work.(I’m not asking for you to comment and give pity, just wondering if anyone out there struggles like I do.)
In my devotions I was reading about honesty and about wisdom. I’m baring all right now but how wise was that piece of candy I just had? 😀


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