Laughter- an ab workout?

I love all things multicultural and diverse! One day I told a coworker I won two months of hip hop dance class. We laughed and laughed thinking how comical this was because I may have soul but I got no rhythm and I got no coordination either! She said “You will get a great ab workout laughing while you’re doing it!” And it’s so true, I did! This morning I laughed about the warm up that looks kind of silly, where we punch the air and skip with a high knee. Then I laughed while I was doing the doggy leg lift thing, thinking about how a dog lifts his leg to mark the territory! Next I was laughing as we did quick feet thinking about Seahawks player Richard Sherman and his bad attitude last night.

Hey just so long as I stay focused on form and I’m sweating, I’m still getting a good workout!:D Cheers!


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