Funny how different a day makes

So I had been running over the holidays (traveled and didn’t get to go to the gym) but returned Friday the 3rd and felt empowered! The fourth I felt good and strong too. I ran on the 5th(and Sundays are usually my lazy days!)…the 6th though, I must have been tired(from Downton Abbey partying?) because I did NOT feel like working out- as in, I pushed myself to go, but the whole class my heart was not in it. Felt distracted, bored, not into it(and it was one of my favorite teachers too!) so I ran on the treadmill and got over it. Tuesday I had a good spin class, Wednesday I was back in it, sweating and high five-ing! Thursday I enjoyed yoga and running, Friday was awesome. Saturday I didn’t have a lot of time but tried fitocracy app for the first time and did the stair master. We danced a little Saturday night, too.
Yesterday was migraine day- could not find energy and barely moved. Today (similar class to last Monday!) I was re-energized, rejuvenated and loved the strength class and even ran a mile. I just don’t get how every once in a while I hit a wall and start thinking, “I hate the gym! I hate sweating! I hate this _exercise!” But it’s just the lies, the argument that I have with myself. I actually love it, and I have to remember the good (throwing out the crummy crappy crampy days!)! On 60minutes they had these Memory wizards – people who can recall dates and details from long ago! Like if you say, “what day of the week was August 13, 2013?” They know and they can tell you what they wore and what they ate and what everyone did etc. There are times though that they wish they didn’t have this gift because they remember even the bad feelings. This 10year old boy woke up one morning on vacation and his dad asked him how he was, and the boy said, “one year ago today was a bad day. You yelled at me.” The father felt awful!
I want to stop holding grudges or staying in bondage of negative strongholds! I want to live life to the fullest, thanking God I’m alive and healthy, and I do not want to listen to whiny complaints or negative tear downs. I want to remember the good and see the beauty!


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