Problem solved.


I love you, Fitness magazine! I have been trying to figure out what to do on second-day hair day, because I work out in the am and run to work. You guys are geniuses. You made my year with #fitblogla and you teach me new things and continue to inspire me every month.

Ahhhhhh! Yesterday it felt so good to be in the gym with my favorite instructor. We housesat 2 sweet dogs over Christmas and traveled east for New Years, so I kept jogging but didn’t fit in a class or weights. Even when it rained I used my resistance band, and still tried to walk, but I miss 24 hour fitness when I can’t make it in! Today (normally I spend more time into e gym on Saturdays), I was tired and short on time after errand running, so I just ran two miles and did a body rock ( ) video. Silly question, but while in the gym, where do I put my phone (attached to headphones) when I’m watching a video and holding weights? 😉 *sheepish* – in an armband I guess? But when I tried to it paused the video thinking I was done (on the iPhone you click the top right hand “power” button to turn the screen “off”)…thoughts, guys?

Sundays are usually my rest day but with fitbit, now I always want to hike, find a yoga class, walk, bike, or run! My lazy ideal Sunday would be: sleep in, brunch or church (whichever first), then a leisurely stroll. But I am also used to waking up, enjoying the quiet(less traffic) streets on a jog, showering, church, and lunch. Weekends I also try to do a DIY at home spa day so I need to make time for that tomorrow. (See my post “Pamper Thyself” from 7/15/13: ) I ask you, what is more important, sleep? Run? Facial? Because being on time is important since I’m teaching the littles tomorrow. Then we will end the night with our Downton Abbey party!:)

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