I’m a plannin’ to!

Here are my plans, goals, hopes and dreams for the New Year.
I am in agreement with:
My husband finding a new job.
Learning to not say sorry(bad habit)& feeling overly responsible and letting go of past hurts and unnecessary guilt(long life goal)
Eating clean, whole foods(January I want to try Whole 30/paleo), less processed.
Blogging about once a week
Keeping clean nails and stop chewing cheek(nervous habits)
This year will be the year of faith and hope. I have studied joy, wisdom, serenity, but now I need to step out of my fearful worries and take new leaps of faith, actively waiting and resting.
I want to start a family, play more piano, sing more, and get a dog, but those aren’t the circumstances that will make me happy. I am happier, healthier, and less stressed when I wake up, meditate, exercise, work, eat healthy, and stretch before sleep. I am learning peaceful contentment no matter what state (California, hungry, tired, whatever state!:)) I am in!
Thankful and hopeful. Happy New Year everyone!

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