It’s all in the teacher

No matter what class a person takes(whether it’s group fitness, basket weaving, or finance) the teacher makes or breaks it. I can learn just about anything if I have a good teacher. Today we had a sub that took forever explaining the NTC circuit stations; the mic didn’t work and she just…well, it was a lame workout. I barely broke a sweat and didn’t like her style and had to strain to hear her yell, then I didn’t really get what she was saying…I’m not bashing or hating, just a bit disappointed.
Truth be told I had both good and bad math teachers and had a bad tennis teacher so I don’t excel in those! I have had good swing instructors and bad ones, and still love swing.
Maybe I had high hopes because the normal teacher is good and challenging on Mondays.
On another note, I had a lovely run yesterday but the hills are still slowing me down. I am not a sprinter. Thoughts? Tips? Ideas?


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