Yoga:a much needed practice

I had been looking for a running buddy on Thursdays. I didn’t see any classes that fit my schedule so instead of going in and getting bored with an elliptical or weights, I finally decided to try this yoga class at 24 hour fitness this morning. Oh it was weird but good! Breathing through different nostrils! Rubbing warmth back in to your body! Breathing positive in and negative out!
We are going dancing tonight but I knew I needed a good stretch. I could have tried running but when I wake up with a headache I give up on that idea.
The idea of pushing yourself so hard, through the pain so you cannot even think about work or family or your costume and candy. That’s all you got! To go breathe and put your body in different positions and just lie down for the sole purpose of relaxation.
What a novel idea!:) I had been wanting to find a yoga class I could fit into my schedule but just hadn’t figured out how or where yet. I know there’s DVDs and YouTube videos but unless I find a teacher, friend or class it probably won’t happen. And after class I could do weights or treadmill till shower&work time.
My friend Annie (while we sat over delicious Blaze pizza!) said “it doesn’t matter whether you are Eastern or not, yoga can be good for all of us” – it has a way of transcending the religions or jargon; I know what I believe so I might tune out something the teacher says that I disagree with.
This teacher played a little Smokey Robinson and James Brown so “that can’t be all bad”!:)
Have a great Halloween, All Hallows’ and all Saints! Don’t touch that candy;) or just have one:) Oh and by the way the purpose is to slow down. Don’t we all need that?

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