Notes from #fitblogla best day ever!

Tony Horton from p90x! How do you know HIIT is right for you?
He asks if you’re wearing a heart monitor…
Get your ego out of the game!everyone wants so much so fast, that’s why his program is 90 days.
Stay in that early easy stride when you just start out(3-5) then when you are more advanced you go almost to a 10…
Focus on Getting better
Well rounded and wide range of fitness knowledge
UCLA track Sundays
The big picture.-book
Sleep is everything
10 things we need to do to be happy: 1.exercise2.sleep 7-8hrs
Don’t treat your food philosophy as your religion!
Nutritionist Alyse Levine
Family, friends, and media all influence our food-relationship 
Lose diet mindset, Eat mindfully, Assess your hunger, No deprivation
Eat mindfully don’t live by the forbidden fruit theory
Choosing real food
Lose the diet mindset
Assessing your hunger
How do you know when you’re really hungry? Is the fruit enough? If the chips etc are all you want you’re probably not truly hungry. PMS – higher metabolic rate.
No deprivation.
Extra carbs turn into fat, not all carbs.
4 divisible sections on your plate: after you finish one, check in.
Put fork down, don’t shovel, once your fork leaves your mouth, don’t thrust it in the plate and into the mouth so quick!
Ellen Satter parenting tips
Why and how not what you eat
Liquid calories your mind doesn’t register the same. Just sip and savor. Don’t gulp.
Harley Pasternak(celeb trainer and author of The New way to lose weight)
Don’t juice cleanse. You’re missing out on tons of nutritious vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Then you’re not fully satisfied.
Keep appetite in check and keep moving.
Blending is great!
Fast on the go easy to clean not intimidating you don’t need a fancy kitchen, and filling…
12k steps a day
We are not moving enough…
Chronic movement, walk everywhere
Resistance training, strength circuit, nonstop cardio…
To maintain:
The monitor like a fitbit or pedometer that tells you how much you move(not so sedentary)
Keep grazing and keep metabolism up
Exercise (cardio and train)
Seed or nut(healthy fat)
Be present. Don’t let it take your whole life!
There is no shortage of success.
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