Hit a wall

Yeah so I hit that wall about 40minutes into Facebook.com/pitfitTawna ‘s boot camp class today. Whew. That wall that you don’t wanna do any more exercises. The wall she has talked about but I pushed through in the past. Today was harder to push! The wall when your body is yelling “Stop! Just leave!” And your mind screams, “Come on, dammit keep going! You have to finish! Stretch, water, coffee, breakfast is coming- you’re gonna make it!” The wall where your muscles ache and shake. The wall that won’t move. I had to keep pushing. Like in “While you were sleeping” when he moves the couch and she says “PUSH!” & he goes “I DID!” But it won’t budge:)
I slowed down but I finished. Stretching now. I am done. Over and out!

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