It’s that Monday blues kinda day

Hi bloggers it’s been awhile and I miss this. All weekend I’ve had this slight cold. The kind that I think I can do anything but need to rest. The kind where I wake up and think I’m better then I move around and start coughing all over, or sneezing and feeling oogy (as Annie Wilkes would say in Misery )…. I’m flooding my body with garlic, vinegar, oj, tea, veggies, fruit, Reliv, vitamins, supplements, and all good things. I am relaxing, reading, watching, and sleeping. Today I want to enter into directed rest, as Dr Caroline Leaf writes about. I miss the busyness of work and my friends there, but they don’t want me spreading germs. I wanted to find a sub for Sunday school but I had to teach anyway. Our friends came and took us to Slaters where I had a delicious burger. Saturday I thought I was feeling better, worked out, started yoga, and went to a friends grad party (with vegan tacos and sangria!) but I only have gotten worse. I’m loving Runners World and Competitor magazine articles that make me laugh:) I did run a lot more than usual this past week!
Husband made me a delicious healthy breakfast today and a hot shower and Epsom salt bath helped.
For our second anniversary we had a lovely stay at Peppermill Reno, visited Virginia City, Genoa & a bit of Lake Tahoe. I am so happy here, thankful, in love, grateful for all that I have, but I want to learn more, see more, do more!:) I’m curious where God is directing my husband(looking for work)and thankful we aren’t depressed or anxious.
Just thought I’d update you:) see you on the other side;)

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