Sunday Funday thoughts

I am at a loss. My best friend’s dad?
Battling cancer.
Another best friend’s dad? Lost the battle on Friday. My heart is aching for her.
Two friends? Healthy pregnancies so far. One friend? Difficult, issues, wondering if the baby is ok, there’s a chance she could lose it:(
Having a fabulous weekend after a company canceled my husband’s interview deciding on another candidate:( three of my siblings are looking for the next opportunity God has for them. But where? Our family is so spread out it is hard to decide where to look. Wanting to cheerfully encourage him. Praying for friends who are looking for work too.
We love our church but two dear friends have decided to leave (it’s totally fine and I respect their decision but I miss seeing their faces, that’s all:))
Pondering ideas for drama ministry(it’s my passion but do I want to make time and do it really well or will I not be able to spin all those plates and then ill stress out?! Ha!)
Reading a few good books again. “Angel’s Ashes,” “Prodigal God” “The Meaning of Marriage” & “ChiRunning.”
Working out but feeling like I hit a plateau – my weight keeps bouncing around, still feel bloated(my complex of looking preggo:() even when I’m not eating bread, beans, or limiting cheese &beer. I guess it’s fruit and veggies, but how do I say no to those?! Stop taking away my fave things:)
Listening to “we’re all broken” by Steven Curtis chapman. Love.
Why are You allowing these things? Why do You want us to learn this? Where are the fun times and blessings, the children for those who want them, the passion at work, the huge blossoming churches, the schools with good teachers, the countries with good leaders, no wars or bombs or guns in the hands of hurting crazies? How long o Lord will this last?
We ask, we seek, we grow. Grant us patience and peace. Let me be an instrument of Thy peace.

Later: I just finished “prodigal God”&got my answer. He’s doing all this for His pleasure, because of His great love. We search, seek, ask, try. But we will always long for home…

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