Pamper thyself

I am putting this in all categories because I believe it’s important to be a whole person. My friend and one of my mentors, author Donna Otto, taught me that since the beautiful Queen Esther spent 6 months undergoing beauty treatments before she met her king that it’s important for us to take care of ourselves. So every Saturday (or Sunday whichever is your sabbath or weekend) I check my nails (all 20!) for any mani pedi needs, light a candle, put my relaxing tunes on, and jump in the shower. First I cleanse (I have heard you should use gel cleansers in hotter months and cream cleansers in cold dry months, but it’s up to you&your skin type. I have combination) then scrub, and exfoliate as the steam opens my pores. I do my face with the Clarisonic scrub brush (battery operated, and I got it on sale at Marshall’s!) and then apply a clay mask or a peel (whatever i have on hand) and I exfoliate using a body scrub neck down. While my face mask is drying I wash my hair and then use a hair mask, oil, or conditioning treatment. While that is setting, I shave and then I want to rinse or soak in a bubble bath because that’s what is relaxing for me(but you can do as you please. You could also just do the facial part over the sink if you like). I also scrub with a pumice and soak my feet. I love to use Mary Kay satin hands and lips if I have it or have time. When I’m done I towel pat dry and tone (witch hazel or toner) then moisturize(vitamin c serum, sunscreen or night cream(depending on time of day), also eye cream or gel)… Lastly I moisturize with body lotion. I know it seems like a lot but I’ve done it under 20 minutes before!
10 with just the facial:)
Facial: steam, cleanse, scrub, mask/peel, tone, moisturize.
What do you do on your time to feel beautiful?


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