Ok so it’s week 4; I had to kick it up a notch

Ok so honesty time: I haven’t been doing enough cardio lately. I was doing a little here& there but mainly focused on this 12 week training program my friend and I found on Pinterest. I thought I started out fairly light but haven’t been building up to a lot so today I did do 25 min hard elliptical, 5min hard stair master and a good increase on my upper arm workout for today. And we have been adding abs also. It’s all good baby!:) I don’t need to feel guilty- except that well, I do: wasn’t eating super healthy this past week!;( but I’m ready to kill it nail it smash it kick it hard!
And furthermore I have decided to wear skirts/dresses more – less to accessorize and wear more makeup/jewelry and do hair(normally I’m a washngo casual tee/jeans) but my husband, work, and friends all appreciate it, and I think my lame excuses have got to stop. I want to find The balance of Not Taking Forever to get ready but also not showing up lookin like a ragamuffin either. Maybe on Fridays wear pants?
Lame excuse #1: I get the wrong attention (males checking me out, flirting, or harassing) I’m married and I don’t dress to impress them I dress to keep myself happy, confident, to glorify God and to honor my husband. Who cares what perverts think? Or if competitive girls are jealous negative or mean just ignore- their problem not mine
Lame excuse #2: I’m forgetful, disorganized and don’t have time (the night before I do have time, I love organizing, and the morning of I can check my reminder list!)
Lame excuse #3: I’m not good at fixing hair, fashion design, color coordinating, etc. I am actually good at it! IMHO! I love choosing what goes with what!
Keep me accountable friends! Pls comment to let me know what helps you with your am routine?:)


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