Tribute to a good marriage

Just want to give a shout out to my parents as May Day marks their anniversary. In 1976 they were young and in love. He was starting out as a pastor, she had just graduated from Wheaton. On their honeymoon in the Bahamas they got real- they realized they had married a fellow sinner:) Now every year since, their love has deepened! Their love has grown through church hardships, pastoring overseas, homeschooling, failing health of their parents, and 8 children! During my first marriage is when I realized Jesus’ prayer for unity(John 17) was not ringing true in my life but I wished it could happen like it had for my parents…so when I got married September 2011 we made John 17 one of our Scriptures- a life verse. It is for all believers to become one and that’s what my parents’ life has displayed, and what my husband and I are working on. True commitment is when two people are faithful in loving no matter what. Forget physical attraction(our bodies change so much) – its lasting commitment that matters! Thanks for your example Mama and Daddy! Ily!


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