I wanna like it more

I once heard Judd Apatow being interviewed on NPR and so I got excited about his film “This is 40.” I am glad I didn’t spend movie theatre prices and gas to go see it. We were disappointed, disturbed, and disgusted. Ok I laughed a few times but not at the usual Hollywood sex jokes- they weren’t funny. It was disinteresting after a while. It was sad and didn’t resolve. Ok so maybe it was realistic to think some people cuss that much at each other but my husband and I are blessed- we don’t fight like that. Maybe we are too laid back?! But I’ll take that over all the yelling and cussing that I just heard for two hours. I liked some of the actors but kept going, “really?! Every other word?” To me that’s just gratuitous. I did like some of the aging rituals – trips to doctor or tests or things that 40 year olds may go through, but we didn’t need the whole hemorrhoid scene where he holds his
Legs up the entire time(what guy could do that for that long?! No stirrups!) I just didn’t think it was worth it. If you saw this&enjoyed it please tell me why I should 🙂 after a busy day at work I enjoyed The zankou meal my husband got us but really?! Ugh- I picked a dud.


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