This is “I AM.”

This is the One who was there in the beginning. The One who always was, is and is to come. The One who doesn’t have a beginning or an end.
This One who was supernaturally born of a woman, as a little helpless babe, and studied in the temple. This is the One who fulfilled prophesies, healing the sick, spiritually comforting the minds and hearts, giving sight to the blind, & even raising the dead. This One who loves us so much?! HE lived like us, common, even being tempted, and having to suffer, He came to die- out of love and all for the joy!
He gave His life only to live again and ascend, so one day we can live together in glory!

My friend Aida is already up there worshipping. I’m a big fan of Brennan Manning, and he just joined the angels too. I’m sad but I’m thankful their bodies are whole, and that they are finally at peace, and grateful that I learned so much from them.
The sermon this morning made me start writing this. I have missed you, fellow bloggers. I have been too busy to stop and read, write, or listen. I have been rushing, running, and skipping around. I was too busy spilling coffee and dropping things, spinning plates and always carrying way too much, making it harder on myself! We talk about our busyness, but does it get any better? Any easier? We drive past a yoga shop, put in a meditation cd, and the phone rings, Facebook distracts, or a little one needs mommy or nanny or teacher, or husband needs help, or even a fleeting thought grabs us for something else. How necessary is the devotional time? How often do I grab his hand and pray? Not enough. But when I do I silently thank God for that sweet time. How often do I make time for a friend or a neighbor? Not often enough. They bake me things or write me notes or emails, and I want to respond, but then I go do the next thing and forget how kind they were. I love feeling energized from the motivating friends at the gym, the brilliant coworkers, the talks with DH, but really the refreshing fellowship at church, care group, or coffee with a close friend, means so much. I don’t think Aida realized how much she meant to all of us. She was so bright, so gifted, so warm, so sweet. She’s the friend I want to be like. Like Mary was, when Martha needed her help, but wasn’t thinking how her devotion to the Christ meant so much more. When Mary washed His feet, He called it a good and beautiful thing! He had to remind His disciples He needed quiet prayertime with His Father. He loves us, He eagerly waits on high for us to run to His mercy seat, He opens His arms and embraces us. I thank God for my friends, for the leaders in my life who start or end their day with a sweet quiet time. Or they pray or walk at lunch, gleaning insights from the Word.
I wish I was a nap taker. I don’t slow down enough, my mind won’t quiet down enough. I just read or watch something or put on tea&music or take a bath to relax. Not too many other things help-
What about you? How do you relax, rest, get refreshed? Thanks…


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