The case is over! I just spent a week in jury duty. Now I can talk about it!
But you know what?
I don’t want to talk about it. I…so…tired…We found him to be guilty 😦
On another note, Facebook has me irritated as well. The left side vs. the right side yet again. Go to YouTube and watch “imagine a world without hate” by ADL. So good. Now can we all just please get along?!
On an even better note, I finished my stack of books and got to see my sister at her other job! I’ve visited her restaurant but not the boutique, til today. I wished I had visited a happy hour since I work during those hours normally, but enjoyed coming home earlier and cooking and walks with my husband.
I did get to enjoy noon mass at the beautiful cathedral downtown yesterday and today, and enjoyed different restaurants, farmers markets, walking through Grand Park, MOCA, but both Wednesday and Friday forgot about yoga in Grand Park!
Thankful it’s over and I can clear my head and get back to work.

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