Christ Confidence

It is easier said than done to have Christ confidence. What does this mean to you? It doesn’t means we don’t have any self-esteem, it doesn’t mean we believe worm theology or have martyr syndrome. What does it look like for you?
I am trying to learn how to apply this. I don’t want the opposite extreme where I put up this protective shield and never have any voice or feelings and become jaded. I am a caring, kind, compassionate human being! Yet I care a little bit too much. I have learned to take care of some of my own needs, and am learning to say no, but I still apologize, put others needs quite high, and still feel bad anytime a mistake or accident happens(with my husband, at work, or even with friends). I realize I can be myself around my husband or friends where there are safe places to cry or laugh loud or discuss personal things, but I don’t want to behave unprofessional and inappropriately at work. I want to be good and do the right thing!
Ah, there’s the rub. Maybe I am putting too much esteem on others, because I am still worried what they think of me- whether I do right or wrong, or am considered a crazy radical or an emotional freak!- shouldn’t matter so much! I may respect my parents, husband or boss but this does NOT mean I place them too high- it ought to be that Christ’s necessary work on the cross was enough, that He loves me already and THAT’S ENOUGH! I may want their recognition or reassurance or I’d like it if they are happy, but it’s not always my fault if they are displeased, disappointed in a situation. And I don’t need it! I already have Christ’s pleasure. As my grandfather said, “approved unto God,” no one else!
Today is Palm Sunday. Without giving too much thought, they threw their clothes on the ground and used palm branches to make a path- all to worship the Savior without abandon!
I love this time of year. Passover, Holy Passion week, the stations of the cross, are a special reminder off all that He did. We go to mass or service, we attend Seder or Maundy Thursday meals, we reflect on the dark “Good Friday” (stricken, smitten, and afflicted…), we listen to Handel’s Messiah (“Surely, surely He has born our griefs and carried our sorrows”) we eat special meals of lamb or ham, we have Easter egg hunts, and baskets, all to use as a tool to teach our kids the stories. Whether you’re Jewish or only dye eggs and don’t go to church, it is still really special for me and my Christian family/friends. I feel like my friends who don’t believe the same as me are missing out, but just know that I pray for you. I also know I have Christian friends who hate the pagan Easter stuff and the commercialized holiday(wow there’s a lot of candy with pastel colors) and that’s ok we disagree. It’s all part of His design- that we learn from each other, watch, and learn to not care if we disagree!:)

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