Love these two genius ideas

Hey you guys,
Today is my day to catch up on reading. I missed my workout class due to a car engine emergency, but my friend picked me up so we could study and read instead. Thankfully my car just needed a tuneup and I love my mechanics. I am reading Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover” and he has all these amazing testimonials. One family’s story of becoming debt free stated that the mom is a physical education assistant and the dad is an “involvement minister.” I thought, “what in the world is that?!” So I googled it. Look it up. It’s what every church needs and every person who goes to church needs. This position from the Church of Christ helps people get involved, get plugged in, and also stay”unbusy”(because we don’t want burnout and none of us want to be overly involved). Genius idea number one!!
Now, Genius idea number two is download the YouVersion Holy Bible app on your smartphone for free. Browse plans. Search “Easter” or Holy Passion week, and it brings up a list of good reading plans for this week. One being “The Artist Bible,” which uses fabulous songs, videos, paintings, poetry, and an insanely good monologue done by an actor, all for 8 days. You can even set up a reminder or notifications so you don’t get too BUSY and forget. This really prepared my heart last year- I love it so I’m going to do it again:)
Now I’m going back to my reading!

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