Sittin here resting mah bones

I remember a Reading rainbow episode that read aloud to us a book that went: “Bored. Nothing to do.” The narrator sounded utterly bored! That’s how I feel.
I want to tell you about my last two fun weekends. We have been busy and overwhelmed, too much going on, but we needed these get aways. I am still coughing but feel a lot better. So Friday night we left late after dinner and work and got to spend the night with our friends’ room at the quaint Lemon Tree inn, in windy Santa Barbara. We woke early to get the bicyclists a healthy breakfast and stretching, and then registration, for their 50mile Solvang ride! My husband made good time but they all said the wind was pretty rough. I walked around town with my two pals, the three of us not wanting to ride. We had Aebelskivers, Danish chocolate, and treats from the bakeries. It was lots of fun. We bought the riders a sandwich to meet them at the finish line and cheer them on! My friend said she saw Julia Roberts with her kids! Later we picnicked at Hans Christian Andersen park and then went wine tasting and to the hot tub and out to dinner and came home! Whew! A whirlwind weekend! Sun.night we were celebrating a friend’s birthday too, which is always fun.
This past Friday we both left work early and drove to Ventura Harbor for our church’s Marriage retreat. We downed a yummy dinner right before it started and enjoyed the first part. I wanted to go in the hot tub but I think we were tired and had dessert with some of our friends and one of the pastors. Early Saturday I woke and met two friends for a jog around the harbor and then we had breakfast and enjoyed the conference. We learned a lot and I won a gift box! At the end the speakers were so excited to find out who my grandparents are(they quoted my granny in their pamphlet):) The conference fed us lunch and it ended mid afternoon. Ventura was still cold and foggy so we got takeout (I had a coupon for Crowne plaza’s Cstreet grill) and then we ate it on the balcony of the little inn we stayed at for our anniversary! We had a free wine and cheese plate at Zoey’s bar. We walked up Main Street and I got Froyo and then we got an Irish drink at Dirgon’s and met a girl who just got engaged:) Next we went to see “OZ” in 3d! I absolutely loved the magical, colorful, and cheesy-fun world:) I like Michelle Williams, Baz Luhrman, and Danny Elfman. We walked a little more and even though the hot tub was COLD we made a fire in the room and had a little wine before we crashed:) In the am we walked to get coffee and saw the mist over the mission(it looked like Ireland) and came to church then went home. So fun, relaxing, delightful, romantic, godly, refreshing, and enjoyable!

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